Hello! I'm Claudia, a History and Politics student at the University of Edinburgh. I am a freelance journalist who has written for publications:

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The Meridian Magazine 

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I am an aspiring writer who is currently working on my debut novel.

My interests include history and global affairs, particularly pertaining to Africa and its diaspora. I am also an advocate for widening access to higher education. 

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My Latest Work

The Women’s War 1929: An Overlooked Event

When delving into the nature of colonial rule, many tend to focus on the roles of the oppressors. But what about those who strove to resist colonisation through movements and revolts? The Women’s War of 1929 is an event that is widely overlooked not merely due to the fact that it was a resistance movement against British colonial rule in Nigeria, but also because it was women who were at the forefront of planning and executing the wave of resistance. In 1929, the implementation of new colonial

How to use CAS to ace your university applications

How I used CAS to ace my university applications A common misconception that I have encountered a plethora of times amongst IB students is that CAS is “useless”. What many fail to realize is that CAS can be utilized as a tool to boost your university applications, or at least that’s how I tackled it. It is for this very reason that I was able to acknowledge that CAS is far from useless. Though CAS should also be used to take your mind off your IB studies and to partake in an enjoyable activity

Self-doubt to accountability: Experience with changing mindsets.

I’m Claudia, an M21 graduate who did the IB in Sweden. During the course of my IB experience, I experienced a mixture of in-person and remote learning. Though the majority of my final year consisted of remote learning, only allowing for essential IA experiments and IOs to be performed in school. I will be attending the University of Edinburgh to study History and Politics. In this article, I talk about how I changed my mindset from self-doubt to accountability in preparations for the M21 exams!

From Nigeria to 'United African Republic': development or stagnation?

It has been roughly over a month since Adeleye Jokotoye, a tax consultant in Lagos State, proposed the idea of changing Nigeria's name to 'United African Republic' before the nation’s House of Representatives. Since then, the public response has been quite hostile overall. Instead of igniting feelings of patriotism amongst Nigerians, it has awakened stronger demands for improved societal necessities. Can changing Nigeria’s name in attempts to erase colonial marks within the constitution serve as

The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act - a step in the right direction?

The murder of George Floyd on the 25th of May 2020 served as a catalyst for protests across the United States and the globe, denouncing racial discrimination and demanding reform within law enforcement. The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, proposed by House Democrats and sponsored by congresswoman Karen Bass (D-CA), seeks to tackle issues surrounding police brutality and racial profiling, representing not only a response to George Floyd’s killing, but the historic injustices suffered by Ame


Gen Z is often referred to as the digital generation. Whilst this may seem like a very positive description because most of us are “gurus” within the field of technology, there are some significant disadvantages. Among these is the drastic decrease in reading among the younger population which can have an immense effect on us all in the future. Reading is something I have always loved, the thought of being able to pick up a book and delve into its contents whilst using your imagination to tran

The daunting effect of colourism in modern day Nigeria

Nigeria gained independence from British colonial rule in 1960. Yet over half of a century later, the scars of colonialism remain embedded in Nigerian beauty standards. It is no secret that the glorification of fair-skinned women and the fetishization of mixed children is rife in many regions of the African continent, and fairly-speaking across the globe. But what is the history behind this way of thinking? In an article published in The Guardian, Eniola Anuoluwapo Soyemi’s encounter with a sk


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